Sunday, 4 November 2012

Allotment Geekery

So autumn is here and when we got up this morning to go to the car boot sale it was cold, so cold that no one really bothered to come sell their tat, how very grr.  The prospect of an afternoon on the allotment in the cold was not very appealing so layers were the order of the day including my epic mustard coloured scarf, when held aloft it's taller than me and is the best thing to keep warm.  Did I mention I made it?

Of course when we got there it rained and I had to take shelter in the shed with the massive clumps of mud on my wellies that I'd collected along the way...

A view up the path, our allotment is on the left (you can't see it in this photo) and you can see the polytunnel where we have a plot.  I love that there is a guy who has decorated his shed with old skool Kentucky Fried Chicken shop awnings!

This is what it is all about, we grew those leeks, and those chilli's and we made autumnal soup...

..... included in the soup is butternut squash, we grew that, carrots, we didn't grow them, potatoes, we grew them.  I haven't included a photo of the finished whizzed up soup because I can't pretend it looks like anything other than puke.  Tasted good though.


  1. If you felt the need to sell any of this fresh produce, I might find it in my wallet to purchase it from you . . . Gracie made a pretty fiery ginger and pepper soup today that would only have been improved with the above items

    1. Well, well..... an interesting proposition :)

  2. i've never been able to take a nice picture of soup. it always looks like puke! haha. i like the kfc awnings too.


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