Thursday, 8 November 2012

A month of reading

1. The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry

I really enjoyed this book, Fry's love of writing shines through.  Plus MozzyMr told me about the time he was in the car with MozzyMa and our Jim, they were listening to the audio book of The Hippopotamus when the descriptions got a bit... um... fruity?  I imagine the three of them cringed their way to Christmas!

2. Moranthology by Caitlin Moran

I was ALWAYS going to love this book, a Birthday present from my friend Katy, Caitlin Moran is just a whole heap of awesome, and when the first chapter has this quote:

"There's a lot of Sherlock love in here.  In many ways, this book might as well be called 'Deduce THIS, Sexlock Holmes!' with a picture of me licking his meerschaum, cross-eyed and screaming."

I was hooked.  I'm ashamed to say that really the only time I actually laugh out loud is when an animal falls over or a cat loses it's dignity, that sort of thing, but this book has had me LOLing with the best of them.  If you don't go and read this book you're a fool, a damned fool I tell you!

3. Moranthology by Caitlin Moran

Yes that's right, I finished the book and flipped straight back to the beginning and started reading it again.  Moran isn't all about licking Sherlock and screaming, she writes about David Cameron and his resemblance to 'a camp gammon robot, a C-3PO of ham', paying taxes, internet trolls, hating Lola of Charlie and Lola and the closing of public libraries:

"Unless the government has developed an exit strategy for the cuts, and insisted councils not sell closed properties, by the time we get back to 'normal' again, our Victorian and post-war and 1960s red-brick boxy libraries will be coffee shops, Lidls and pubs.  No new libraries will be built to replace them.  These libraries will be lost for ever.

And, in their place, we will have a thousand more public spaces where you are simply the money in your pocket, rather than the hunger in your heart.  Kids - poor kids - will never know the fabulous, benign quirk of self-esteem of walking into 'their' library and thinking, 'I have read 60 per cent of the books in here.  I am awesome'.  Libraries that stayed open during the Blitz will be closed by budgets.

A trillion small doors closing."


  1. That sounds a great book! :) xx

  2. Looking to read Moranthology next as we got it in our Mumsnet Blogfest goody bags! Love her play on words. Sadly I missed her talk at the Blogfest as had to get on the train home..sigh


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