Sunday, 1 April 2012

New Tricks

I've been continuing my quest to improve my photography this week, and chose the cat as my project.  Well I actually thought I would specifically focus on her paws but she seemed to get a kick out of having her photo taken so I took the opportunity to photograph her.  Please indulge me on my journey to crazy cat lady status and old age.

She's looking very dusty in these photos because she'd been out in the garden and loves to roll about in the dust when it's hot, trouble is she gathers up ants and other undesirable bits and bobs and then brings them into the house.  

These are a bit dark which is a shame, but I'm trying not to use a flash, practice makes perfect!

Still a lot of work to be done to improve my skills but I'm happy with the photographs I've been taking, setting projects seems to be pushing and challenging me.  What do you do to improve your photography?


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