Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Month of Reading

I feel I need to start this post by saying don't judge me!  There is a whole heap of young adult fiction contained within this post which quite often makes people scoff but this month of reading is a gold mine of fantastic reads which with the summer just around the corner you might want to consider...

1. Double or Die by Charlie Higson

A number of years ago an ex-colleague of mine recommended and lent me Silverfin the first of the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson. I never thought it would be a book she would read so thought I would give it a go and was very glad I did, it was great. I quickly purchased Bloodfever the follow-up but at that point Double or Die was in hardback and on principle I won't buy hardback books they're just too expensive. 

Wanting a quick read I thought I would give Double or Die a try. Crikey, it's just a bit action packed, very far-fetched but ultimately great.  The good thing about young adult fiction is an absolute disregard for what can't happen and as the young James Bond gets chased, and chased and escapes and escapes in more and more ridiculous scenarios I loved every page. Higson keeps the slightly kitsch elements of the original Bond's but thankfully without the sexist Pussygalores etc.

2. Hurricane Gold by Charlie Higson

I told you I liked the young James Bond's.  As I was nearing the end of Double or Die I got slightly edgy and nervous that I didn't have the next book in the series to immediately move on to.  Hurricane Gold provides a ludicrous villain, fast cars, horrendous but inventive ways to die, guns, gore, and lots of page turning goodness.  Buy it, do it now, off you go....

3. Looking for Alaska by John Green

You may remember I read Paper Towns by John Green in last month's A Month of Reading, and I LOVED it.  You might have guessed from this post already that when I like an author I tend to rush out and buy all of their books and read, read, read (thank god I don't like Patrick O'Brian I'd be broke) and John Green's books are great!  Looking for Alaska is an exploration of beginnings and endings. What I love about Green's books is that he writes about teenagers and their lives in such an ordinary non-Skins way and doesn't pretend that life as a teenager isn't mostly boring and filled with the complicated relationships with friends and family.  I can't say too much about the plot because I don't want to give much away and I do want you to go out and read this book.

4. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Ahhh the exquisite pain of a heart broken teenager.  Colin; anagramer, prodigy, and dumped by 19 Katherines works his way through the heart break with friend Hassan on a road trip (Hassan is one of the best characters I've come across).  This wasn't my favourite John Green book, but that's like saying it's not my favourite cake, it's still cake damn it which means it's still great.  Once again Green's characters are full and normal and funny and smart, the story is something everyone can, on some level relate to and I will eat my imaginary hat if you don't enjoy this book.

That's it for me  and this month of reading, allotment season is kicking off so I suspect my consumption of literature is going to nose dive.  But I'm very excited to say I have been chosen to be a World Book Night Giver!  But more of that later...

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  1. Will head to the library this week for a John Green book, they sound good. x


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