Sunday, 26 February 2012

MozzyMr's handmade Birthday

MozzyMr got a little bit older recently.  Birthday's aren't really his thing, and this year he seemed to be taking a particularly disgruntled view of the big day so I wanted to make him something that might crack a smile when he opened it.  Hence the pug.  He's loved the Pedigree Chum advert where the dogs wear human dentures, his favourite was the pug but they cut it from the recent adverts so I thought I would make him an embroidery of it with sparkly thread for the teeth (classy).

It did make him laugh, but I think some of his laughter was because I'd actually bothered to make something so weird.  Secretly I'm quite pleased with it, it's the first embroidery-type thing I've ever made and it has turned out quite neat.

So on his actual birthday we drove up to Birmingham to see our Brummie chums, and the lovely Bon had made him this:

A sock creature (made from socks forcably "donated" from her Husband's sock drawer) that MozzyMr has named Leonard (I think, might be Lionel).  Leonard (Lionel) sits in Mozzy's chair in the living room and commentates throughout every TV programme we watch.  He likes Neighbours but not Home and Away and thinks You've Been Framed is barbaric, Leonard (Lionel) is unsure of the cat and plays dead when she's around, just in case.

Last but not least...

A birthday isn't a birthday without chocolate, especially knitted chocolate!  This little selection box was created by MozzyMa: knitting genius.  MozzyMr loves a knitted novelty item (we have knitted helicopters, chips, peas, invisible grandmothers, doughnuts, liquorice all sorts, roses, daisies and a knitted Waluigi) I think for his next birthday I might have to get him a display case for it all!


  1. What a lucky chap - I had no idea you had so much knitted stuff!

  2. I love the pug, well done you! :) xx

    1. Hee hee thanks, took hours but I think I like it as much as him :D


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