Sunday, 20 November 2011

The slow realisation that Christmas is on it's way....

As a kid, and on a family holiday in America my mum and I went to a craft class one evening in San Diego.  We did some rubber stamping, which for a craft-challenged kid was an easy way for me to make cards and things that looked good, back in Blighty I got into the hobby and made Christmas cards etc for everyone.  Then years later when I left home for university the little collection of stamp bits and bobs I had gathered were unceremoniously sold by my mum at a car boot sale.  Gutted.

Well several more years later I am building my little collection back up and what better starting point than Yellow Owl Workshop?  I've bought a number of presents for friends but had to buy this set for myself:

As the title of this blog would suggest Christmas has somewhat snuck up on me so this morning with a mini hangover and not a lot planned I settled down to make some cards for Christmas:

There are several more designs but I want to keep them a secret for the people who might receive them.  Other craft projects on the go: knitted petrol blue scarf, yo-yo placemats for Christmas table (yes, yes that is still on going), and Christmas gift tags.

Watch this space...

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  1. Ooooh they look great. I'm getting into a bit of a pre-Christmas flap, I've usually got loads done by now, being a bit slack this year - I'd better knuckle down!


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