Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Brillant Burning Barrels!

Last weekend MozzyMr, the Brummies and I went to Ottery St Mary for the annual tar barrels.  This was perhaps my 7th time at the barrels, over the years I have developed the F.E.A.R.  The following photos are of the women's barrels (the man's barrels are the main event, there are also children's barrels, yes children's barrels) because I was too scared to throw myself into the massive crowds and potentially collide with a HUGE hulk of a man CARRYING A FLAMING BARREL OF TAR these photos don't give a good sense of just how busy it was. 

Towards the end of the evening I was getting braver, I suspect we will be going again this year perhaps this time next year I'll have pictures of the men's barrels too *whimper*.


  1. The last time I went it was full of drunk uni students..... it made me nervous so haven't gone again :( x

  2. i've never been! 6 years i lived in exeter and i've never been. i hang my head in shame :( perhaps it should be on my "30 before i'm 30" list? x x


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