Sunday, 23 October 2011

Lucky Girl

So this week I turned thirty.  It is an understatement indeed to say I wasn't happy about it, there were tears, there was grumpiness, there was moping about, but equally there were craft projects, there was a Mario Kart themed party and there was cider.

Nice surprises from family:

Last minute but very great Mario Kart themed costumes:

(Back row): Shy Guy, Toad, Bullet Bill
(Front row): Waluigi, Birdo, Princess Peach

Luigi cake:

and then came the tidy up *sigh*:

So after all the moodiness what has turning thirty meant? (Lets bullet point!):

  • An excuse to be daft, who doesn't love crafting silly costumes out of paper mache?
  • An excuse to eat cake for breakfast
  • An opportunity to be spoilt
  • I can pretend to be wiser (strokes chin and looks thoughtfully out of the window)
  • I can handle my drink better than when I was younger (clearing up after Mario party is a testament to the fact that my friends can too)
  • I can own a shopping trolley, I can take it around a car boot sale with me and I don't care, weeeeee!
Big thanks to everyone who made my birthday great x

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  1. you mean a shopping trolley like the ones we used to sell at the 'Shab?! a-mazing! (what was that range called? i forget now...) x x


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