Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Big Knit

Tad late with this post, new job is crazy busy and I tend to come home slump on the sofa and not do anything of note so haven't had much to blog about to be honest.

Anyway, thought I would show you these:

I made them for the big knit, if you haven't seen the big knit campaign before, in November Innocent Smoothies adorn their smoothie bottles with these hats and a proportion of the money taken from the smoothies sold goes to Age UK.  Last year I could only manage plain hats, this year stripey, next year fruit designs?

Right off for an amble on the beach to celebrate a friend's Birthday then on to a firework display with folk from work, have a nice weekend!


  1. so cute! i buy innocent smoothies every single day in november (sometimes more than one per transaction!!) just for the hats. love 'em :)x x

  2. Hooray! I hope you get one of mine :)

  3. They are amazing, I got the pattern to make them a couple of years ago with high hopes. Discovered I couldn't cast on. *blushing* They need to do a crochet version! x
    Love the very clever checked ones.


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