Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Palace of Kitsch part II

The rainy days are keeping me indoors during the evenings so I thought I would continue the tour of the Palace of Kitsch:

No palace of kitsch can be without a green lady.

This is a taster of the pet owners homage to their pets art collection.  As you can see this is a fine example of how wrong people can get it.  Human eyes?  Back leg that seems to turn into a tail?  Green stripes resembling pus?  Oui, merci!

Snow globes you say?  Damn straight I say!  The Estonia snow globe was a wedding present, little did the givers of this gift know how right they were getting it when they bought us this, I doff my hat to them.

That's all for now, we have a visit from the landlord on Saturday I should probably do some tidying and dusting.  Ta ra for now.

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