Tuesday, 20 July 2010

He Knows my Name isn't Susan

Hooray! My engagement ring which has been custom made by a fantastic seller on etsy Cocoa and China is winging it's way over to me as we speak. Rose gold with a black diamond, bit unconventional I suppose but I've never been one for showy jewellery so understated is the go!

I have spent the last week trawling through etsy wedding blogs to poach ideas and to be inspired by others, I think Sam might be getting tired of hearing about the wedding already so I will have to keep a cap on discussions and save them all up for six monthly wedding talks.

At the weekend we went to our niece's 5th birthday party (butterflies and pirates), and the event was craft-a-go-go! David had made two long tables and butterfly and pirate chairs especially for the occasion, not only that but there was an impressive array of handmade treasure chests, pink cakes, dresses and hats on show, I'm entering into a very craft focused family which suits me just fine!

Whilst we were up there we popped in to visit Colette and David's allotment, instant veg envy ensued and on returning to the shire we instantly signed up for one of our own (at least a year to wait, alas). Amongst the veg there were an impressive collection of sunflowers and cornflowers growing together and they look fantastic, a renewed excitement for the bouquets has now flourished!


  1. Love the ring, very stylish and original, very you.

    My head is swelling, the party sounds fabulous!

    Glad you signed up for an allotment, the grow your own bug is certainly catching. Start reading up and planning now! X

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