Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My A-Z of books

What else could I possibly have for 'H' other than the Harry Potter books?

What is becoming very clear to me through the course of writing up my A-Z of books is that I am massively judgey about books, how very narrow minded of me!  When I was working at Waterstones I would sell the Harry Potter books by the truck load, I kept being told I should read them, I don't respond that well to people telling me that I MUST read this book or see that film.  Anyway one day I didn't have anything lined up as my next read so thought I should at least read the first one so I could talk about it with the customers.  Yeeeeah I was totally hooked, I read one after the other in quick succession until I reached the end of The Prisoner of Azakaban where I had to wait with everyone else desperate for The Goblet of Fire to be released. I re-read the Harry Potters regularly and love picking up on the little details that I may have missed in previous readings.  I look forward to when my nieces are old enough to start reading them, I hope they enjoy them as much as I have.

My favourite of the front covers would have to be the one above.  I love the watercolour/sketchy nature of it as well as the 80's train behind the Hogwarts Express!

Here is a recap of my A-Z so far:

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