Saturday, 13 April 2013

Escape to the museum

We had to go into town today for various bits and bobs, sadly town was packed.  Absolutely packed.  Now I'm going to sound like a bit of an arse now but I walk everywhere, to work, to town, to the supermarket, everywhere and there is a pavement etiquette!  (I jest not.)

  • Don't walk two or three in a row and expect me to step into the road because you can't bear not to be walking alongside one another for three steps.  
  • Like when driving if there is an obstruction on my side I'll wait for you to pass, if it's on your side, you wait until I pass it's just polite!  
  • Don't carry a massive umbrella, if you must carry one at least lift it up above eye poking level.  
  • If the path is so narrow it is difficult for two people to pass one another then it's not a shared cycle path, ringing your little bell at me won't make me step into the road to let you pass, get a helmet, get something high-vis and learn the highway code.  

My rant does have a point, town was full of people dawdling about, we watched one couple walking in the road with a bus following them less than half a foot behind them AND THEY DIDN'T NOTICE!  We had to escape for an hour and regain a sense of equilibrium so we went to the museum.  We took another look at the National Portrait exhibition, the insect and taxidermy rooms (of course) but what really caught our eye this time were the postcards visitors had written about their visit.  The best ones were from kids who had drawn pictures about their visit, here are some of our favourites:


  1. cyclists on the pavement really winds me up, i purposely walk right in the middle of the pavement if i see one coming towards me! Amy D

  2. You don't sound like an arse..... just old!!! I love watching people outside the shop just standing in the road, they don't seem to know it's wrong.... I think when people go shopping they leave their brains at home!! xx

  3. I think you have really good points Anna. I had the same problems walking in town sometimes and got massively annoyed at people who just don't think of other people. Eye-poking umbrellas, teenagers walking/chasing as a group and hitting other people walking around, etc. That's just plain rude!

    Love the big about the museum too :D


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