Friday, 4 May 2012

The Buttock Clench of an Observer of Nature at Work

To many of you this post will be of no interest at all and the two pictures above are of a lovely dog having a lovely frolic in a river.  Well, that ain't no river, that's the flood relief valley in Exeter, and usually it it bone dry.

Believe it or not but these photos show how well the flood prevention is working after the non-stop hard ass rain we've been having in Exeter.  The water is being channelled away from the housing and out through the River Exe.  You can see in the photo below just how close it was getting to these houses.  It was this scene that inspired the title of this post, because if any one of those houses was mine, I would have the buttocks of an Adonis right now from all the clenching I'd be doing.

The photograph above (taken from the Environment Agency's Flickr page) shows the flooding that took place in 1960 on the road that runs perpendicular to where I live now.  Of one thing I'm sure, engineering is rad!

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