Sunday, 8 May 2011

Back to my roots?

It shouldn't come as a massive surprise to discover that I be a proper Devon maid tho innim.  Mum has been researching our family tree and as it turns out I am from Chagford farmer stock, which is perhaps why I feel a massive draw to grow veg.  I can't take all of the credit of course, last year my soon to be sister-in-law took us to her allotment and I ate peas fresh from the pod, and oh. my. god were they tasty nice.  So here it is: our new allotment...

Man inspects his first shed, happy, happy days!

Spot the frog:

We've been told that the plot will be hard work, it has bind weed, it's overgrown and man alive we have been doing some crazy digging today.  I hurt, I mean I REALLY hurt, but what has made it all better is that the previous tenant had left some potato plants behind so on day two of owning an allotment we dug up our first harvest, as I write this we have roast potatoes and homemade pie cooking, nom.

On a different note, mission confetti is ongoing, last week at the car boot sale mum bought me some tulips with ragged edges, a variety of tulip I had never seen before so when it came to removing the petals to begin drying them out I was struck by how feather-like they are:

Should make for some interesting confetti.


  1. Oh Yay!!! Such exciting news - I'm giddy with excitement for you now. Potatoes already, I'm impressed - do I spy some onions growing too?

    So glad you got a plot - beware - they are addictive, but so many good times to be had. Can't wait to see it. x

  2. I'd love a plot but just haven't got the time :( I do try to still grow my veg & just brought a small greenhouse to help with the tomatoes. Fingers crossed! :) xx

  3. I can almost feel the sunflowers we currently have potted up in our back garden twitching and screaming to get into the plot! I did another hours digging last night and will do some more at the weekend can't wait to see plants in there :)


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