Sunday, 30 September 2012

Allotment Geekery

The allotment has been ticking along quite nicely recently, next Saturday will be the first day since March that we can have bonfires at the allotment so we've been clearing down the spent veg and weeds. 

The celeriac hasn't been doing that well so I'm trying home made cloches to give them a hand.  The chewed up swedes to the left were a donation from Malcolm across the way, they're being eaten by caterpillars at the moment so I've turned all hunter/gatherer and brandish the hoe like a spear and cut the little feckers in half.  Don't judge me, my step-father-in-law goes out at night with a torch and a pair of scissors and cuts slugs in half.  Yeah, you heard me.

And finally... I accidentally grew some parsnips, long story really but hey here they are in their ugly glory!


  1. i love parsnips and pumpkins! i have absolutely NO green thumb but once i move into my new apartment, i'm thinking of starting to plant a few things on my balcony! any suggestions for late fall planting?

    just now found you and now following!
    sharde @ the style projects

    1. Hello! Welcome to my little blog! I would plant garlic cloves (preferably not ones from the supermarket but from the garden centre) they love a good frost and taste amazing. Also get your broad beans planted now and they will be ready for spring!

      A x


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