Saturday, 9 June 2012


I know many of you will probably roll your eyes at the indulgent nature of this post, but bear with me.  Little Pigga was killed by a car last week, it's really sad.  I know she was 'only' a cat, but I spent 9 years with this little beasty and I loved her a lot.  She was my first cat and the best I could have asked for, at 13 she was turning into an old maid but she was well loved.  To quote my friend "she was as crazy as a snake... you know, good crazy" and that's true.  

Thanks little Pigga, miss you x


  1. If anyone is rolling their eyes at you they don't deserve your friendship. It's not 'just' a cat ...... she was a much loved friend, one who gave you happiness & love without any rubbish. I was a complete mess when Charlie died nearly 4 years ago & felt the same but I now know it's ok to feel sad. It does get better.... promise. Sending you & Sam a big hug & thinking of you both xxxx Us crazy cat ladies have to stick together :)

    1. Thank you SO much Joe, I really appreciate your comment. We've decided we will rescue another cat, just not yet we need to give it a little time. Crazy cat ladies rule! xx


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