Sunday, 10 June 2012

Happy Skippy Purchases

I wanted to share with you some of the things I brought back from France.  The toadstool above is a salt mill found in a beautiful little gift shop in Ruffec and is my new most favourite thing ever.

  1. A 1950's vase found at Emmaus, Ruffec where my aunt now works.  It is a charity depot that opens at 2.30pm on the first Saturday of the month, to say it is a elbow jabbing fight to the good stuff is an understatement but happily I've had many a car boot and jumble sale experience and could shove as good as the next person.
  2. Another Emmaus purchase, I was in a queue to pay and spotted this little beauty at the last minute, it's been a slow burn of appeal on this one but it is fast becoming my new favourite serving dish.
  3. Emmaus again!  This is a slightly chipped but beautiful little glass perfect for a snifter of Pineau des Charentes the local tipple.  Somewhere between a sweet wine and a Cognac I do love a glass of Pineau and now have the perfect glass to serve and enjoy it!
  4. Tulip egg cups, these were a present from my aunt, any guesses where it is from?
  5. Lovely, lovely enamelware pan, yep you guessed it Emmaus again the pans that I've had for years have started to break so I've decided to collect enamelware pans, we have a lovely butter coloured pan already, I'm not fussy about them matching, life is too short to be all matchy matchy.  Happily all of my Emmaus purchases came to an astonishing 3.20 Euros that's about £2.60!!
  6. Toadstool cookie jar, this was surprisingly NOT an Emmaus purchase but from the little gift shop in Ruffec if I could take you all there I would because I know that each and every one of you would find something there that you would love.
Sad that we have had to come back to cold and rainy England especially with the various bits of sad news that have rocked our little world recently.  But you must not dwell on the things you cannot control but focus on the good things still to come so we're already planning our trip next year this time we're taking a couple of Brummies with us...

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  1. Some lovely things there, I have a few enamel pans but Paul hates them.... don't cook as well.... as he does all the cooking I've had to stop buying :( The weather here as been terrible :(
    I 'm sure there's another pussy cat out there waiting for you but yes give yourself time. When my cat died when I was 11 (he was 8) my parents gave me another the next day.... it wasn't the same & I never loved him as much. xx


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