Monday, 9 April 2012

Sandal Wearing, Yoghurt Weaving and Carrot Hummus.

So this bank holiday weekend I became one of those hummus making, allotment owning, Guardian reading lefties.  It shouldn't have come as too much as a surprise I had the allotment owning and Guardian reading under the belt already but then I went and purchased this little beauty (yeah I pimped the photo, I wanted it to look it's beautiful best), I think I might call her Betty....

So  what to make with Betty first?  Well  reflecting upon my new lefty lifestyle it seemed wrong to do anything else but a River Cottage carrot hummus receipe, hazaar!We totes own a pestle and mortar, MozzyMr is very keen to master curries and mashes up all sorts of seeds and spices (om nom nom).  These little beauties released a lovely zesty smell and grinding them up to put in the hummus made me feel like a GROWN UP!

Yum bags roasted carrots with garlic, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, olive oil, salt and pepper. 

And finally the carrot hummus!  Yeah, yeah it looks like baby sick, but it really, really is delicious and will be my packed lunch tomorrow with lots of raw pepper and celery, which bearing in mind I've got the post bank holiday blues it's a good to have a nice lunch to look forward to :)

How was your Easter bank holiday weekend?


  1. Can you make hummus? I thought it just came in plastic tubs from M&S!!! It does look very yummy :) xx


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