Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Istanbul: the sights

The Blue Mosque was so impressive, especially in the evening sun.

All across the city bunting advertising the Korean festival in the old city festooned lamp posts, this photo gives you a slight impression of how densely packed the city is, with buildings, traffic and people.

View from the Hagia Sophia.

View of the main shopping street on the European side of the city.  This photo doesn't show you how packed it was, walking the length of this street at home in the UK would have taken ten minutes max, but here it was more like 40-45 mins.  On the left is one of the food wagons found throughout the city, I love that they are shaped like the trams which travel across Takim Square.

Inside the Blue Mosque, the roof was stunning but to tell you the truth... the overwhelming smell of feet reduced the length of our visit.  Dang is stank.

Last view of the city was we fly home.

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