Sunday, 1 July 2012

Allotment Geekery

Almost a month away from the allotment and the weeds are beyond a joke, on Saturday we spent three hours there.  Whilst MozzyMr was in the polytunnel tending to his tomatoes (seriously this is a preview of what he's going to be like as an old man, he'll be talking to those plants soon) I dug up two heaped wheelbarrows full of weeds and I still have half a plot to go!  To top it off because of the cool, damp weather the veg isn't really doing much, we're getting one or two courgettes but they're no thicker than your index finger, the peas have perked up a bit, and of course we have an abundance of tomatoes to come but they're still green, it has been weeks I was hoping for at least one to be ready by now, meh.

The lavender is doing well and I've let three of our spring onions go to flower because I love how they look.  Following such a hectic June we're not planning on doing much at all this July so it'll be lots of time on the allotment and hopefully some trips to the studio as well...


  1. At least you have plants. The slugs have eaten just about everything I've planted. I bought a jumbo size pot of slug killer today and have been sprinkling salt like a loon.

    1. I hope you were cackling when you put the pellets down!! :)

  2. This weather is great for the weeds! My lavender has gone crazy this year but the rain has started to flatten it.... think I need to cut it back now :) x

  3. Hello lovely,

    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Leibster award on my blog, purely because I love following yours. You can have a nose at it here:

    Sarah xx

    PS the allotments looking awesome!!


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