Friday, 10 September 2010


I have learnt yet another valuable wedding lesson. Do not tell your hairdresser you are going to get married. I knew things were taking a turn for the worst when I went for a normal cut and blow dry and my hairdresser suggested I get hair extensions for the big day, I am possibly the last person on earth who would ever consider getting hair extensions, as Sam said, it's like suggesting he wear a wig to our wedding!

I don't really understand the compulsion to look completely different on your wedding day, I'm not adverse to a bit of pampering and sprucing don't get me wrong, but if you don't have curly hair why would you go for mad ringlets on your wedding day? Similarly as I have curly hair, why would I straighten it for the wedding and look like someone entirely different? Perhaps I'm missing the point, that's something I'm quite good at doing. I made what I hoped were very non-committal noises to the idea of hair extensions and became immensely interested in Sainsbury's food magazine, marvelous summer salads, truly marvelous.

By the time my usually ace hairdresser had finished the blow dry I had gained several inches in height and could easily have passed for a 1970's television drama actress, I most certainly had a 'do'. My friend Charlotte for her wedding day did her own hair, she like me has curly hair and bought herself some curling tongs just in case her do wouldn't play ball on the day, she looked great, and relaxed and happy and wasn't worried a jot about it, and that to me is a fine example of how to have wedding hair.

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  1. What? You're not going for the massive bouffant with multiple volume-boosting devices concealed within your (extended) locks? Tres disappointing - brides these days just don't have the comitment to the cause!

    You're right obvs, most wedding hair = madness, your hair is lovely as is.



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